Give your Butt the Lift it Needs

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries today. The Brazilian Butt Lift is designed to give you a more defined posterior and help you feel more confident in your own body.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Columbus Ohio can sculpt your butt to give you a curvier silhouette by using fat cells in your body. According to NBC News many patients choose a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery because it gives off more of a natural look.

BBL Procedure

The procedure generally takes about two to three hours. Liposuction is used to graft the fat cells, which are then purified before injection. The fat cells are taken from other regions in the body such as your thighs or abdomen and then are re-inserted to your buttocks. Using your existing fat cells allows for easier acceptance as they reenter your body.

Recovery Time

Fat grafting is a quicker and simpler process than buttock implants, because you are using your own body’s fat cells. The recovery time for patients can vary, but many can return to normal activities within 5 to 10 days. However, extensive activities or sitting for long periods of time should be avoided for at least three weeks.

The results for this procedure can vary from person to person. Some fat that was transferred will be reabsorbed by the body, and what remains after three months post surgery will be yours permanently. Schedule a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon in Columbus Ohio to receive more information on your Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Minimally-Invasive Treatments: What are the Differences between Botox and Dysport?


There are hundreds of minimally-invasive procedures available in the cosmetic surgery industry. Botox and Dysport are among the top anti-aging treatments used to restore smooth and youthful-looking skin. Fortunately, the natural effects of aging on the face can be minimized with injectables like Botox and Dysport to help keep a patient’s face looking young and fresh. While maintaining naturally replenished skin is a matter of keeping the skin’s surface free of marks and blemishes there are no topical creams or lotions powerful enough to add volume or remove wrinkles. Although Botox injections and Dysport are similar by design, they both have slight differences in chemical composition.

How Does Botox Treat Wrinkles?

Candidates of Botox injections Columbus find it hard to believe that frown lines and wrinkles are connected through the same active muscles in the face. Forehead wrinkles, known as static wrinkles, are technically the result of excessive frowning, squinting or smiling. The way that Botox works is by interrupting, or rather freezing the signal from the nerve to the muscles upon injection; so once injected the muscles no longer contract which will allow face muscles to relax and eliminate the appearance of dynamic wrinkles.

How Effective is Dysport?

Some research shows that Dysport is a cosmetic procedure that works quicker at relaxing muscles than Botox. Instead of Botox injections which can take as much as five days to kick in, Dysport has been found to take effect within two days. Wrinkles may even begin to fade within the first day of receiving Dysport injections.

The major difference that sometimes confuses anti-aging procedure candidates is the distinction between Botox units and Dysport units per treatment. In comparison, Dysport requires double the amount of units compared to Botox. For example, if a cosmetic surgeon evaluates a patient and finds that they will benefit from 12 units of Botox treatment for the forehead, then 24 units of Dysport would be required to achieve the same results.

Of course, many patients have very high expectations for the results they are expecting from cosmetic surgery.  Some patients may opt for Dysport because the solution diffuses more than Botox. This means that after the injections are complete the Dysport solution spreads out to other areas of the face to encourage neighboring muscles to freeze and eliminate more wrinkles. However, in other instances, Dysport may not be recommended for patients who do not want dramatic effects.

In the 2014 study of Dysport on the effectiveness of the injections at the forehead and frown lines, researchers found that 90% of the patients were satisfied or highly satisfied with the results from the injections. The data can guide people who are trying to decide on the right anti-aging treatment for them.

For more information, contact a reputable cosmetic surgery center at (614) 682-5005 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

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Intimacy Intervention and the Pleasures of Vaginoplasty


Your body is a beautiful thing. No matter how you may feel about the appearance or the design of some body parts there is always going to be that little reminder in the back of your head until you address what is bugging you. You may have heard by now the infamous title of vaginal rejuvenation and as female cosmetic genital surgeries grow increasingly throughout the United States, we will help shed some light about vaginoplasty and it may enhance intimacy, equally between you and your significant other.

Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that involves reconstruction of the vaginal canal. The procedure reshapes and tightens soft tissues by removing excess skin within the vagina to firm up muscles to increase tightness and contact during intercourse.

Why Consider Vaginoplasty?

There are a number of reasons why women consider the work of vaginal rejuvenation from vaginoplasty. Typically, women who experienced lost skin laxity in their vaginal canal after birth of their children consider this procedure. Childbirth is one of the causes for vaginal tissues and surrounding muscles to stretch permanently. Other women may experience the loosening effects of vaginal tissues due to natural aging, injury or disease, which results in lost sensation during intercourse. Vaginoplasty can help improve patient self-confidence and self-esteem following this procedure.

Looseness Sensation of Vaginal Muscles

A great amount of patients describe a loose feeling in muscle tissue in their vagina during sex can be a cause from a number of different reasons. Understanding the causes of the loose sensations in the vaginal opening in patients comes from different scenarios, including:

  • Stretching of vaginal wall after childbirth

  • Reduced vaginal wall elasticity from constant sexual stimulation

  • Surgical childbirth delivery (C-section)

  • Decrease in hormone production reduces strength of vaginal muscles

While non-surgical methods such as Kegel exercises can help strengthen muscles around the vagina, many women are unable to naturally restore the supportive tissues and muscles that have been permanently stretched or loosened from childbirth or age-related changes. Most patients will have tried the exercises, but experience little improvement because the exercises cannot make the connective tissues tighter. This is where vaginoplasty can restore the strength of the supportive tissue in the vaginal canal and enhance a patient’s sexual function.

While impaired sexual function has been long considered a medical issue, women suffer from long-term sexual dysfunction due to anatomic changes that have been forgotten about by the general public. A recent study proves the valuable rejuvenation for symptoms of decreased vaginal sensation during intercourse. As per the study published in the journal Surgical Technology International, researchers found significant improvement in overall sexual function, including sexual excitement during intercourse and intensity of orgasm – which increased dramatically from preoperatively to postoperatively.

Learn More about Vaginoplasty Columbus

Women who suffer from sexual dysfunction due to lack of restoration following pregnancy or natural aging can turn to Vaginoplasty Columbus to eliminate laxity and increase satisfaction during intercourse. If you are contemplating cosmetic gynecologic surgery, then now is the time to schedule a consultation and find out if vaginoplasty is what your body needs to fully enjoy personal satisfaction as well as intimate relationships. Contact the best cosmetic surgeon Columbus patients trust most at (614) 682-5005.

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Clitoral Hood Reduction: Rejuvenate Your Feminine Appearance

slim woman body

The female body expresses a form of beauty that is accentuated by the media day in and day out. While many women are proud to put show off their greatest assets on the beach, many more are embarrassed to reveal their bodies behind closed doors. For instance the labia are composed of the labia minora and the labia majora, and due to a number of factors this region of the body changes the look and shape of genitalia. Many women are born with large or irregular labia and others develop this condition after pregnancy or with aging. More specifically, the thickness or large size of the clitoral hood may cause bulging in clothing and cause self-consciousness, irritation and even decreased stimulation. Fortunately, cosmetogynecology offers reduction of the clitoral hood to address these issues women are struggling with.

What to Expect from Reduction of the Clitoral Hood

Reduction of the clitoral hood is a genital cosmetic surgery that reduces the size of redundant tissue folds of the hood on the vaginal opening. This procedure is designed to remove excess skin over the clitoris only that does not affect nor involve the clitoral nerves during treatment. In other treatments a woman may desire to include labiaplasty or liposuction of the mons pubis and performed in conjunction with clitoral hood reduction for a more enhanced treatment.

Enhancing Comfort and Satisfaction

Over the years women have been affected by the enlarged tissues surrounding their most intimate areas. They may have been damaged from certain factors such as:

  • Aging

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Weight fluctuations

The goal is to not only improve the appearance of the patient’s body but to eliminate the discomfort women feel during intimacy. As per the study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the medical journal for the International Society for Sexual Medicine, patients who underwent reduction of the clitoral hood or with a combination of vaginal rejuvenation procedures overall were 91 percent satisfied with their results. Patients also reported positive effects on sexual function with 64 percent reporting significant enhancement after surgery.

Functional vaginal rejuvenation can resolve issues involving discomfort, physical pain and negative emotions. More seriously, reduction of the clitoral hood can help women enhance their unfulfilled intimacy by eliminating excess skin and allow them to feel comfortable in form-fitting clothing. Now is the time to feel comfortable in your own skin, consult with an experienced cosmetic gynecologic surgeon today.


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How to Burn Fat While on Vacation


While you prepare for a vacation with your friends and family, you are probably wondering how you will be able to maintain your healthy and trim figure. You know you worked hard all year long to keep your body light and toned, but you do not want to lose all that you worked for. We suggest that you maintain a healthy workout regimen and stick with your diet, and leave liposuction as the last resort. Routine liposuction procedures eliminate abdominal fat cells perfectly, but keep up your active lifestyle no matter what. Though how will you be able to enjoy your summer vacation without putting back on the holiday weight you lost? Today we will share some healthy tips to keep your body in shape.

Bring Healthy Snacks

When you are packing to head out for your week-long getaway, temptation is going to be everywhere so it is best that you pack healthy snacks to help keep you full. Whether you are snacking on the plane or on the go for an adventure you should keep seeds, peanuts and dried fruits with you to help curb your hunger and provide plenty of energy.

Limit Dining Out

We know that you want to try a little bit of everything that your new surrounding has to offer, but you cannot depend on fast food or gourmet restaurants to be your only source of fuel. If your room has a small refrigerator and microwave then you can stock up at a local grocery store for small and simple dinners before you go explore the night life. Make a grocery list that includes:

  • Vegetables and fruit

  • Whole grain bread

  • Yogurt

  • Lean deli meat

Workout with the Locals

You do not always have to eat, sleep and lie around all day, mix up your vacation with physical activity while you explore the town. Keep cab money in your pocket and walk or ride a bike to your destinations. Your workouts do not need to be over-the-top either. A report published in the Journal of Obesity found that HIIT workouts can be useful for men and women who are pressed for time, but they will not burn fat effectively as traditional aerobic workouts such as running, swimming and hiking. Even if you are in town for a couple of days, make one of those days a physical activity day by joining a 5K run or a walking tour and learn the town’s history while you burn fat.

Studies in the past have shown that when you run for longer than 90 minutes, you improve your body’s ability to use fat as fuel. Even after your vacation is over it will be a great idea to include a long run once a week to your exercise regimen.

Now that you are ready for your vacation, schedule an appointment with Dr. Milroy Samuel in Central Ohio to learn about the concept of maintaining a slim body before and after liposuction. Your body depends on you to stay active well beyond reaching your weight loss goal, so find your middle ground and enjoy long-lasting results – even after your vacation.

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Three Things You Do That Make You Look Older


There are hundreds of habits everyone follows on a daily basis. Some of those habits are good, but most of them are so unnecessary that they have a tendency to make your face look aged. No one wants to appear older than their actual age. This is why there are plenty of anti-aging procedures and treatments, such as Botox, dermal fillers and micro laser peels to help you maintain youthful skin and a wholesome appearance.

There is no proper way to naturally age gracefully, because some people are just better at it than others. However, the truth is that there are many ways for you to keep your body looking youthful as you get older, and to help we will share with you a few habits that you should adjust in your anti-aging routine.

Improve Your Sleep Regimen

Most people believe that they are getting enough sleep to properly rejuvenate their bodies, but the majority of adults fail to follow a regular sleeping pattern of acquiring between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. It is vital for everyone’s overall health to get the required hours of sleep in order to face a new day.

The way you sleep also has an effect on the way your face appears. Sleeping on the side of your face for too long can result in permanent wrinkles and influence the growth of fine lines. The best solution for everyone to avoid these damages is to transition your sleeping position to sleep on your back. You can start by placing a body pillow or a couple of pillows under your legs for elevated support and place a few body pillows on each side of your body to avoid turning while asleep.

Limit Your Tanning

We know everyone loves to soak up a little sun, but we all need to be careful. The warmth from the sun on your skin may make you feel good, but too much exposure on your uncovered skin can lead to UV ray damage and the ultimate fear – skin cancer. To help your face and your body stay protected invest in sunscreen and apply regularly for every outdoor occasion, whether the sun is shining or not.

Stress Ages in More Ways Than One

There are a number of scientific studies that have shown time and time again the effects of stress on a person. Stress is not just related to wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes, stress can lead to acne, brittle nails, hives and hair loss. Reality check: most people under constant stressful situations are less likely to take care of their skin which can create an even larger disturbance for aging skin. According to the American Psychological Association, stress affects 43 percent of all adults’ health, while it is also linked to a number of leading causes of death including heart disease, cancer, lung diseases and suicide. It is also proven that work-related stress results in damaged DNA and an accelerated aging process – making your appearance look older than it actually is.

Anti-Aging Care

If you are experiencing constant stressful conditions and find that your body is paying the price then it may be time to consider professional treatment. The board certified plastic surgeons at Maison De Leumas Cosmetic Surgery Center are eager to help you maintain your youthful appearance. They have experience in a great variety of non-surgical procedures including dermal fillers, Botox and laser skin resurfacing. Now is the time to get your skin back in shape before summer. Schedule a consultation to learn about Botox and other non-surgical procedures in Ohio.

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Three Solutions to Eliminate your Turkey Neck Before Spring

Turkey Neck

We have all seen it, the unattractive and dreaded double chin, which most of us dubbed it as the “Turkey Neck.” Spring is nearly here and with that brings the joys of peeling off the heavy jackets and sweaters for slender tops and T-shirts. However, millions of us struggle with this look of excess fat and sagging skin beneath our neck that calls for us to use big scarves to hide them. Stubborn neck fat beneath the chin is not your fault, for many people are born with a certain chin and neck structure that determines the likelihood of a double chin. To help you with this there are a number of valid solutions that can repair your droopy neck just in time for the long and warmer days.

Maintain Healthy Weight and Consume Less Calories

The first may sound like a given rule of thumb, but keeping your body in shape as you age can improve the sight of your chin. If you are currently at your ideal body weight, then keeping the hideous fat from beneath your chin by maintaining a stable weight is the first option to consider. However, if you are overweight then setting a goal for yourself to influence weight loss is a must in order to naturally remove the excess fat. Start by eating a healthy diet that includes lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains only.

There are even healthy meal lessons provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help maintain a healthy weight. They suggest to those attempting to cut calories to lose weight need to reduce their caloric intake by 500 to 1,000 calories per day in order to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Neck Exercises

Double chin exercises are effective, but they must be done in conjunction with a healthy diet in order to achieve a slimmer neck. The target area of your double chin primarily focuses on the platysma, the muscle that runs from the shoulder to the jaw. The first exercise goes as follows:

  • Open your mouth wide.

  • Pull your bottom lip tight over your bottom teeth.

  • Move your lower jaw slowly up and down 10 to 15 repetitions.

To stretch and tone the neck and jaw muscles try this exercise:

  • Stand or sit straight up.

  • Tilt your head back looking toward the sky.

  • Keep other muscles in the face relaxed.

  • Pucker your lips and hold for 5 seconds.

Chin Liposuction

If you are starting to feel helpless and tired of trying every new method you have heard of online, then chin liposuction is the best solution for you. Liposuction is commonly performed on the stomach, breasts, back, thighs, and chin, so there is no reason to question its safety. Your plastic surgeon will determine if you are healthy enough to undergo treatment.

Although being overweight may have an influence on the appearance of your chin, there are plenty of people at a healthy weight who can benefit from chin liposuction. Frequent weight fluctuations can cause many lingering pockets of fat in more than one area of the body, which makes this solution the best to target stubborn fat under the chin.

If you are contemplating about how to treat your double chin then consider scheduling an appointment for chin liposuction at the Maison De Leumas Cosmetic Surgery Center. We will help you find the best solution to treat your chin issues and any other stubborn fat areas. Contact us today.

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Can A Brazilian Butt Lift Eliminate Your Flabby Butt?

Women all over the world are becoming more inclined to build a better backside that properly achieves natural-looking, feminine curves. Many want to know what it takes to have a sexier and fuller bottom, and plenty of weight loss routines and fashionable clothing options just don’t cut it these days. Plenty of plastic surgeons in the past turned to invasive buttock augmentations with silicone implants, but nowadays the go-to procedure to enhance a woman’s derriere is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a technique that utilizes liposuction and autologous fat transfer to enhance saggy or tiny buttocks. First your plastic surgeon will remove unwanted fat from areas of the body, such as the back, thighs, abdomen and arms, via liposuction. The fat is cleansed and then injected into areas of the buttocks to build volume for a better contour that appears in a lifted position.

Can Exercise Achieve Similar Results?

Many women make the mistake of only exercising or only eating healthy, and in the end they still do not achieve the same results as they would with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Three to four training sessions of weight training a week, cutting down on carbs and sugars can be great to your body, but there is no guarantee that you will increase the size of your butt.

Do I Need to Gain Weight?

Many women believe their body is too petite to build a larger backside. The procedure does indeed need to extract a good portion of donor fat from your body, so there is a possibility you will have to gain weight. Preferably, the best results are visible from patients who are 10 to 15 pounds heavier than their ideal weight. However, most patients who are treated naturally carry the minimum amount of excess fat required to carry out the procedure.

Maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to a regular exercise routine will help maintain long-lasting results after a Brazilian Butt Lift. If an inexperienced plastic surgeon does not perform the procedure correctly then the autologous fat can be reabsorbed and leave you with subpar results.

If you are ready to build your tiny butt and eliminate saggy glutes then now is the time to schedule a consultation for Brazilian Butt Lift in Ohio.

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Exercise Molecule Found Confirming Need for Physical Activity

Recently scientists discovered the molecule that increases the expression of calorie-burning genes in fat cells. For years now the media and health agencies have been working furiously to get Americans in shape, but had no idea what triggers fat cells during exercise. Many of us are still unfamiliar with the needs of our body and that is typical, but now scientists found that trigger in our bodies that helps balance blood sugar and decrease weight gain. All of which can be achieved through exercise.

The report published in the Cell Press journal Cell Metabolism, indicated that researchers found the molecule while studying the effects of a protein known as PGC-1∝, which performs position in muscle mass reaction during exercise. The protein sends signals to other tissues in the physique. They determined when forcing the expression of the protein, metabolites such as BAIBA, influenced the expression of burning calories from muscle cells as well as extra fat cells and other tissues.

Increase Activity to Influence Weight Loss

According to researchers, human exercise studies showed that BAIBA levels rise during exercise. BAIBA levels were correlated to fasting blood sugar, insulin, triglycerides and cholesterol. Overall, these trends aim to correct the big picture of humans, body mass index.

The more that people increase their exercise rates is the more they influence BAIBA to counteract metabolic health diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and other conditions, researchers said.

Along with a healthy diet, increasing physical activity should be a goal of every person carrying extra weight. Start by following some of these tips to help lose two pounds a week:

  • Walk an extra 2,000 steps a day

  • Take the stairs while at work

  • Be physical for a minimum of 30 minutes a day

After weight loss takes effect and the body is left with a few troubled fat areas, consider consulting a plastic surgeon for effective treatment options. Liposuction may be right for problem areas that are unresponsive to healthy diet and exercise. An experienced board certified plastic surgeon can provide the tools your body needs to help you win the battle of the bulge.

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Anti-aging Diets May Make You Gain Weight, Choose Botox Instead

When it comes to looking younger, we try and implement everything we have available to help us achieve long-lasting results. We comb over anti-aging gimmicks and treatments that claim to help us, but none of them can match Botox for its success to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure can help relieve an individual’s expressions by relaxing facial muscles from working so much when engaged. As a result, visibility of moderate and severe frown lines stand corrected after treatment.

Though there are other non-cosmetic procedures which claim they hold the key to the fountain of youth. For instance, many of us are determined to watch our figure as well as our aging skin by only consuming low-fat foods. This is a wise choice to transition into, especially if you have a poor cholesterol. But what many consumers fail to understand are the hidden messages in nutrition labels of food. These foods may claim to be low in fat or fat free, but what the products do not tell you is how much you should actually consume. As a result men and women splurge on these foods which they think are healthier alternatives, but are actually adding more fuel to the fire.

There is no question that some fats are healthy for our bodies, but knowing the difference between them and their use is what is mostly forgotten. According to a report from WebMD, the translation of food labels are often misjudged when it comes to labeling the fat levels in food. The FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture translate fat in food as the following:

  • Fat-free – Food contains less than 0.5 grams of fat per serving

  • Low-fat – Food contains 3 grams of fat or less per serving

  • Reduced-fat – Food contains 25 percent less than traditional amounts of fat

  • Light – Food contains one-third fewer calories or 50 percent less fat

People resort to switching to these reduced fat food products but fail to control their daily calorie intake. As a result, people pack on the fat when they attempt to consume more anti-aging foods.

One study found that people misjudge food labels when it comes to nutrition and diet. Researchers gave participants an opportunity to read food labels without any prior knowledge about what the labels meant, when given a low-fat product they believed the serving size to be 25 percent larger than it really was. Participants also mistook the amount of calories of low-fat products as they believed that the product had 260 fewer calories than it actually had.

Alternative to Low-fat Products

Many people are upset with the food industry for the lack of warning labels or advertising behind the nutrition facts of the so-called “healthier foods.” What anti-aging experts can agree on is that a balanced anti-aging nutrition plan consists of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and fish. Many of these carry nutrients to help prevent diseases and conditions of aging such as Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration.

The alternative to misguided use of low-fat products is Botox. This solution effectively corrects aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and deep creases that appear on our face. Instead of allowing the effects of aging you can quickly address the problem without having to go under the knife. Learn more about your anti-aging diet plan and schedule an appointment with the Maison De Leumas Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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